Join us in saying thank you to the COVID-19 response team.

A challenge coin, designed as a token of gratitude to those bravely responding to the COVID-19 crisis, is now available—enter your quantity and click on your preferred secure payment method. Orders will be shipped within two days.

COVID-19 Coin proof

COVID-19 Challenge Coin

This challenge coin honors the COVID-19 response team. The bronze coin measures 2" in diameter and comes in a plastic sleeve. Cost includes shipping and sales tax.


Frequently Asked Questions.

How can we help you? Answers to our most commonly asked questions are below. Please feel welcome to email with further inquiries!

 What is a challenge coin?

A challenge coin is a token to express gratitude and appreciate, to say thank you, or to acknowledge involvement in a notable event. Some say that the history of the challenge coin could be connected to ancient Rome, where soldiers received a specially minted coin in recognition for superb performance. Contemporary use was popularized in the military during the Vietnam War.

Today, challenge coins are most prevalent in emergency services and the military, although they are also produced by other organizations. Coins are typically metal and approximately 2” in diameter. Our challenge coins were produced by Challenge Coins Limited.

 Who is this COVID-19 challenge coin for?

This COVID-19 challenge coin was specially designed to say thank you to our COVID-19 responders—including hospital and medical, nursing home, and emergency services teams. We invite you to read more on the history of challenge coins in this FAQ.

Why do they cost $8.50? Where does the money go?

The cost of the coin accounts for manufacturing, shipping, and Pennsylvania sales tax; the challenge coins are not being sold for profit.

 I’d like to order 100+ challenge coins. How can I do that?

Thank you for thanking COVID-19 responders! Please email We will work with you to create a process to ensure that these coins get to you as quickly as possible, accounting for current stock levels.