After Action Reports (AAR/IP)

Regulatory agencies require After Action Reports/ Improvement Plans (AAR/IP) following all incidents and exercises. Emergency Educator’s Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation experts can create AAR/IP for any facility or agency—including exercises and events in which we were not initially engaged.


Emergency Educators is able to interview your staff, review your COVID-10 documentation, and create a comprehensive After Action Report.

Professional Consultation and Plan Development

Our subject matter experts develop complete hospital and CMS compliant emergency management programs for surgery centers, skilled nursing and dialysis units, nationally recognized Hospital Emergency Response Teams (HERT), infection control programs, and more. We value engagement in long-term contracts that provide ongoing consultation to facility safety committees and emergency management programs.

Emergency Educators staff are well-versed in The Joint Commission Standards and the current Center for Medicare and Medicaid Standards, in addition to the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response Core Capabilities and Funding Opportunity Announcements.

Plan development:
All hazard Emergency Management plans
Pandemic, COVID19, Highly infectious disease
Contamination response (chemical, biological, radiological)
Active shooter and acts of violence
Mass casualty response

Emergency Exercises

All exercises are custom developed to meet client needs. Emergency Educators develops, facilitates, and evaluates more than fifty exercises annually.

Past exercises include:
-Active shooter exercise for a staff of fifteen at a free-standing surgery center
-48-hour, non-stop Ebola treatment exercise for a nationally certified “Highly Infectious Disease Unit”
-Multi-regional, seventy-four hospital weather exercises
-Incident command exercises (Hospital: HICS; Skilled Nursing: NHICS)
-Heath Care Coalition exercises


Subject matter experts, with medical backgrounds to perform adult classroom-based education. All courses are custom built after a free in-person consultation.

Patient Decontamination

A two-day patient decontamination course begins with a safety briefing and morning lecture: the remaining time is dedicated to hands-on training. Students, while operating in full protective gear, practice basic and advanced life support, triage, and patient decontamination. We supply medical manikins, dressed in clothing with the application of artificial wounds and moulage.

Incident Command

One of the most popular training courses offered by Emergency Educators, this practical based learning module includes a demonstration of ICS Forms and best practices. The team’s real world experience—from COVID-19 (Pennsylvania Senior State Leadership) to the Philadelphia Papal visit to the Democratic National Convention—is incorporated in course discussions.

Course divisions include:
Hospital Incident Command Systems (HICS) for:
-Senior Leadership
-Command and General Staff
-General Staff and Branch Director(s)
Nursing Home Incident Command Systems (NHICS)

Fit Testing

Our OSHA Certified Respiratory Fit Testing Team can conduct required respiratory testing during all shifts, including weekends. Emergency Educators also offers a fit testing train-the-trainer program.

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